About VivaLynx

What can Vivalynx do for your family?

VivaLynx enables families and their caregivers together, for the first time, take advantage of a suite of connected technology services that relieve the burden on caregivers and ensure that care plans stay on track.

We aspire to be a first-of-its-kind company offering integrated technologies for caregivers and their families who are providing long-term care for aging parents or loved ones.

VivaLynx utilizes a suite of products and services designed to keep people at home throughout the aging process, improve quality of care, reduce costs and allow families to manage the care.

Families who live far apart can stay connected and informed through a unique app that integrates all aspects of the plan into a single dashboard, which also reduces caregiver burnout.

A mobile phone “app” is available and offers an array of services around a single point of contact, by engaging a cloud-based data center to process and share information. This will eliminate the burden on families to contact and coordinate a multitude of vendors and replaces that with one-stop shopping for these same Care at Home” services.