Reasons Why

Do you need care?

Make sure your loved one gets quality care in the home or other senior living arrangement, with the most advanced support system in the industry, powered by VivaLynx technology. We integrate cutting-edge innovations into the home to give your family real time data and alerts that can be shared with your health care providers, allowing unparalleled care and improved results.

Are you a caregiver?

If you are an adult child of aging parent or if you care for an individual with special needs, you may well know the challenge in addressing the changing health care needs of that parent while managing the demands of your own family and career. In a role-reversal, the child has now become a caregiver.
Adult caregivers dealing with a parent who is chronically ill are often forced to balance a sense of obligation to their parents with the reality that they might not have the time, skills or resources to identify options, develop a “life care plan” and put needed products, services and financing in place.
An added stress can be keeping a promise to avoid or delay moving a parent to a nursing home for care. But a shortage of home care services can make it impossible to cover the care needs in the home and provide vital information to families and providers.
VivaLynx offers a first of its kind solution. With a suite of integrated technologies managed by professional life care coordinators, your loved one can get quality care with real-time monitoring.

Are you a provider?

The VivaLynx Solution: Linking Expertise and Real Time Information Through Technology

VivaLynx’s uniquely coordinated service elements will be enhanced by its proprietary digital platform, designed to:

  • Establish a single repository for patient information of importance to caregivers and other care providers, including health monitoring, caregiver logs, finances and a document vault
  • Facilitate identification of needs and desired services, including legal and financial, as part of the LCC-managed intake process
  • Generate information to other service providers as approved by the caregiver and client, pre-populating forms used by those providers to ensure information is consistent and lessen fact-finding required during initial discussions
  • Produce a Coordinated Care Plan, based on inputs during assessment, that can be modified by the LCC but will reduce their paperwork burden
    Capture interactions among patients, caregivers and staff and populate periodic reports, that can be personalized by the VivaLynx staff
    Incorporate productivity and performance measures for staff, and reduce paperwork demands by acquiring travel time and other reimbursable expenses

Opportunities with VivaLynx

Interested in VivaLynx for your business? Here is what makes us unique:

VivaLynx currently offers a first-of-its-kind suite of technology services that can transform the ability of families to provide quality care of their loved ones at home with real-time monitoring and improved communication across caregivers and providers. VivaLynx partners with leading home care technology providers to make aging in place safe, manageable and affordable.

By organizing a limitless array of services around a single primary point of contact and engaging a cloud-based data center to process and share information, VivaLynx eliminates the burden on patients and caregivers to contact and coordinate a multitude of vendors and replaces that with one-stop shopping for home care services.

The process begins with a trained Life Care Coordinator interviewing the elder and caregiver and utilizing patented software to develop a care plan that draws upon, and incorporates, the expertise of Elder Law attorneys, financial planners and geriatric care planners. It includes a complete assessment of the elder, his or her finances and physical environment, and the potential support from family members and friends. The assessment will result in the production of a written Care Plan identifying and explaining the options available to the client/caregiver.

Included in the plan will be recommendations for the installation and use of state-of-the-art technology in the home. New developments in the fields of connected health and mobile health are occurring daily and VivaLynx’s digital platform is being designed to receive inputs from a variety of devices, based on each client’s needs.

As a result, families can stay connected with reports and data about daily activities in their loved one’s home, including crisis alerts that expedite response to care needs. Our technologies can also result in reduced hospital readmission rates.

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