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EverHome Care Advisors |

The most reliable resource for the comprehensive coordination of senior care, legal, and financial planning in the Capital District and throughout New York State, EverHome’s care management and advisory service is transforming the quality of life for seniors and disabled individuals.

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grandCARE Systems |

GrandCare’s touch-based platform is used by seniors, people with disabilities, and those managing chronic health conditions. The device enables caregivers and families to track in-home care in real-time, including secure video calls as part of a connected solution that helps users accomplish daily tasks and provide better care.

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UCM Digital Health |

UCM Digital Health delivers an end-to-end telehealth solution that combines a digital front door system with a 24/7 consult, triage and health condition information service – designed to lower costs, improve outcomes and provide a better patient experience. logo |’s wellness technology for the home can spot health issues that are hard to detect initially such as changes in routine, wandering, medication compliance, and irregular eating as well as provide automatic lights for safety, and a smart thermostat for comfort.

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UTM: Healthcare

UTM: Healthcare provides Remote Patient Monitoring software that measures and transmits biometric data across a secure network to monitor participating community members, avoid unnecessary hospitalizations, and reduce the
overall cost of care.

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