VivaLynx Features

VivaLynx brings a complete suite of technology to your fingertips for the convenience of home care management. This is to ensure that your loved ones always feel secure.

Cameras and Sensors to Monitor Activity

By utilizing discreet wireless sensors and/or cameras placed in your loved one’s home, you can rest assured that they are safe and sound.

Tablet Technology for Care Tracking

Utilize intuitive, icon-based technology with tailored care plans to enter and share behavioral, clinical and medications data

Create a Virtual ER

VivaLynx is proud to partner with United Concierge Medicine, bringing the power of the ER to you at the touch of a button with its unique treat and triage approach.

Whether you or your loved one has a minor medical problem like cough or cold, a serious concern like an injury, or just need some compassionate medical advice, you can have access to:

  • Emergency Medicine Treatment and Triage Expertise
  • Phone, Video and Picture Consults with our emergency medicine team
  • Diagnosis, treatment, triage, prescriptions, order labs, imaging, make referrals and follow up with our patients to track recovery.

Automated Schedules, To-Do Lists, and Care Notes

Through the VivaLynx app, your LCC and family caregivers will receive real-time data and alerts that can be shared with healthcare providers, allowing unparalleled care and improved results. All your information is contained in the mobile application and home unit so it can be immediately and easily accessed.

Securely Houses Vital Financial and Legal Information

Securely gather personal information to share only with those you trust, in one easy-to-use location.

Monitor and Respond to Critical Alerts

Receive automated alerts directly to your cellphone, tablet or desktop computer if something is out of the ordinary or has become a crisis that needs immediate response.

The VivaLynx App is Available!

VivaLynx has developed a software application that permits “real time” access to key information regarding our clients and their environment. Providers of home services will use this application to coordinate schedules, facilitate the delivery of services, provide updates to the client, and summarize key observations and events. For the family caregivers of our clients, this mobile application will allow them to monitor their loved ones, keep current on all activities and interact with other caregivers while relieving the daily stress in their lives so they can maintain their health, relationships, job and peace of mind.