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Technology to keep loved ones safe at home

VivaLynx brings virtual care into the home using an innovative mobile app that makes home care manageable, and gives people who want to age in place and their caregivers the tools they need to deliver the promise of living out those golden years in the comfort of one’s own home. Through easy-to-use tools, VivaLynx harnesses the power of state-of-the-art hardware and software, all integrated through a mobile App which together transforms any house into a virtual home where one can live comfortably and independently. From emergency level telemedicine to social programs, the VivaLynx App delivers real-time solutions for coordinating health care, home care and life care through its innovative platform. For more information read on, or click one of the buttons below.


VivaLynx technology is on the job 24x7, connecting patients, their caregivers, doctors, care coordinators, and other service providers by giving them a platform to communicate and share information through a single integrated App.

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Tablet Technology for Interactive Care Tracking

Utilize intuitive, easy-to-use tablet technology featuring tailored care plans to communicate in real-time and manage behavioral, clinical, medication, and other vital data.

  • ‌24×7 Video Conferencing
  • Connection to Family Members
  • View Primary Vital Signs
  • Monitor Healthcare Readings
  • Track Medication Adherence
  • Manage Calendar and Appointments
  • Add and View Current Care Notes
  • Access ER Level Telemedicine

Cameras and Sensors to Ensure Wellness

Maintain independence utilizing discreet and non-invasive wireless sensors and/or cameras that intelligently monitor quality of life to provide immediate alerts and notifications.

  • Fall Detection Using Non-Invasive Motion Sensors
  • Door and Window Sensors
  • Bed Sensor
  • Fall Detection Emergency Wearable Pendant
  • Wellcam
  • and More!

Automated Schedules, To-Do Lists, and Care Notes

Through the VivaLynx App, caregivers and families will receive real-time data and alerts that can be shared with healthcare providers, allowing unparalleled care and improved results. All your secured information can be immediately and easily resourced 24/7.

  • Create and Complete To Do Lists
  • View and Edit Upcoming Appointments
  • Primary Health Care Readings
  • Assign Caregivers and Family Members Permission

Alerts and Notifications

Receive automated alerts directly to your cellphone, tablet or desktop computer if something is out of the ordinary or has become a crisis. The VivaLynx App provides the ability to assess the situation and intervene instantly, enhancing wellness and preventing avoidable health emergencies.

  • Notification of Changes in Routines
  • Up and About Alerts
  • Out of Bed Notifications
  • Abnormal Health Care Readings
  • Missed Medication
  • Integrates Professional Care Coordination

Virtual Emergency Assistance

Bring the power of the ER at the touch of a button with a unique treat and triage approach. Whether it’s a minor medical problem like cough or cold, a serious concern like an injury, or just needing some compassionate medical advice, within 7 minutes you can have access to:

  • Emergency Medicine Treatment and Triage Expertise
  • Phone and Video Consults with our Emergency Medicine Team
  • Diagnosis, Treatment, Triage, Prescriptions, Order Labs, Imaging, Referrals and Follow Up with Our Patients to Track Recovery


The proprietary VivaLynx App provides “real time” access to key information that enables clients, caregivers and their professional team to successfully manage care in the home. Providers and consumers of home care are using the VivaLynx App to improve care, enhance communications and reduce costs through an innovative suite of in-home technology. For caregivers, VivaLynx solves the problems faced when managing care while maintaining one’s own health, relationships, jobs, and well-being.


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