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The VivaLynx Solution: Linking Expertise and Real Time Information Through Technology
VivaLynx’s uniquely coordinated service elements will be enhanced by its proprietary digital platform, designed to:

  • Establish a single repository for patient information of importance to caregivers and other care providers, including health monitoring, caregiver logs, finances and a document vault
  • Facilitate identification of needs and desired services, including legal and financial, as part of the LCC-managed intake process
  • Generate information to other service providers as approved by the caregiver and client, pre-populating forms used by those providers to ensure information is consistent and lessen fact-finding required during initial discussions
  • Produce a Coordinated Care Plan, based on inputs during assessment, that can be modified by the LCC but will reduce their paperwork burden
  • Capture interactions among patients, caregivers and staff and populate periodic reports, that can be personalized by the VivaLynx staff
  • Incorporate productivity and performance measures for staff, and reduce paperwork demands by acquiring travel time and other reimbursable expenses

See How VivaLynx Works

Watch how 91 year old Kitty uses VivaLynx technology after working with our sister company, EverHome Care Advisors. VivaLynx makes aging in place safe, manageable, and affordable so seniors and disabled individuals can continue living independently in their own homes.

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